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Winter Solstice ( 愛しています ) Ft - 初音ミク ( Instrumental )

Hope you like the song. If so, are you looking forward to the album?

Emancipation ( ともしび)

Hope you like the song, did you hear what was being said in the song?

Monogatari Anime Series Heroines - Book 5: Hitagi Senjogahara

Did any of you out there buy any of the books? Or at least this one :) ?

Nanana's Adventure Ft ( 初音ミク) Hatsune Miku (Original)

My first original VOCALOID song ! FREE DOWNLOAD. Feel free to share, like, repost, etc. Thanks!What do you think of it?

Made my first ever stutter effect with Vocals from Hatsune Miku ハツネミク

Made my first ever stutter effect with Vocals from Hatsune Miku ハツネミク . Had lots of fun with it and it came out really great, even more so with some automation to bring out the ” Lately ” part. Hope to post the full song tonight. ^ ^ We’ll have to see first of course. Here is the link if ou would like to listen to it. I have a soft spot for stutter effects haha. They’re always quite amazing. How do you feel about stutter effects in songs? Was mine okay?

Having a great morning so far. Had some fun with editing, and plan on taking some pictures today most likely, I’m in the mood haha ( Hope that didn’t sound strange x.x; ). Finally having some windy summer breeze weather in the morning. Love it, absolutely love it! Aside from the hard stuff in my life, I can always look for small things like this and get good vibes. Also got my vocals by Hatsune Miku pretty much finished so far, really excited since its my first orignal vocaloid song. Hope it’s really liked by others, I’d love to do more songs. So, You all like summer morning breeze? What song are you listening to?

My Song’s Full Instrumental

Figured I’d post the extended instrumental. Since I’m finally able to focus on getting the lyrics down in vocaloid, trying to make miku sing, I’l be able to have the version with lyrics on it done, hopefully soon. Vocaloid turned out to be a bit much =n=; However, I’m giving it a good shot since i’ve got written lyrics for this song, so won’t waste all that effort haha. Hope you enjoy the song!?

Flouting In The Ocean

It would be so wonderful to float underneath the ocean, safe and sound. Gently and slowly floating, being able to breath and relax. Like hearing the heart of the ocean, and the fish only, you know? Being able to see the suns reflection above the surface, being able to close your eyes and actually, for once, feel okay, perhaps even serene. To the point where chasing your own dreams really feels, and seems ( And it is ) possible, or, a better way to say, it’s probable. No matter how sad, hurt or alone we may be, it’s not like things will change as you sit and do nothing, right? What’s a place that would help you feel such things?

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