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My Song’s Full Instrumental

Figured I’d post the extended instrumental. Since I’m finally able to focus on getting the lyrics down in vocaloid, trying to make miku sing, I’l be able to have the version with lyrics on it done, hopefully soon. Vocaloid turned out to be a bit much =n=; However, I’m giving it a good shot since i’ve got written lyrics for this song, so won’t waste all that effort haha. Hope you enjoy the song!?

Flouting In The Ocean

It would be so wonderful to float underneath the ocean, safe and sound. Gently and slowly floating, being able to breath and relax. Like hearing the heart of the ocean, and the fish only, you know? Being able to see the suns reflection above the surface, being able to close your eyes and actually, for once, feel okay, perhaps even serene. To the point where chasing your own dreams really feels, and seems ( And it is ) possible, or, a better way to say, it’s probable. No matter how sad, hurt or alone we may be, it’s not like things will change as you sit and do nothing, right? What’s a place that would help you feel such things?

Check out one of my songs ” Nanana’s Adventure Ft ハツネミク ( Hatsune Miku ) DEMO instrumental ! Hope you like it Really working hard to finish my first EP or ( If I’m lucky ) Album. Thanks for all the support on soundcloud, twitter, etc ! Feel free to share, follow,like etc ^^

Please feel free to follow, share, like and comment on all of my pages if you like! Feedback really helps me improve and motivated :) I appreicate everyone who’s supported me up till now:) Song Dedicated to ryuugajou nanana no maizoukin :3 Mainly Nanana <3

My song reached over 200 listens :D It’s not much but It means a lot haha

P.S Working hard on my next song at this very moment :)! IF you havent heard my previou song feel free to check it out on my soundcloud! Thank you all who have taken the time to listen to it, it means so much! Feel free to like , comment, and/or share it, its also free download in case you like it a lot! :)


Hello people of earth! I’ve just posted my first song on soundcloud! Please feel free to check it out, if you like it please comment,share,like,etc ! I’d greatly appreciate any feed back and support!:) It’s not the best song ever but I”m really proud of it! ^^ ありがとうございます<3

I’l be posting an instrumental of one of my songs I never felt like posting cause I was too stubborn and a perfectionist xD. I’ll post it both here and on my facebook page , my new twitter, and all the other sites the youngsters out there are using. ( I’m only 20! Don’t hate! ). Anyway, if I can export it properly it will be up soon, hope its too you’re liking ^^ bye-byeみんあさん!

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